GPAHU Legislative Update April 05th 2018

Legislative Floor Action for the Week of March 26 House The House was not in session the week of March 26. Senate SB 257, PN 1596 (Ward) – Amends The Insurance Company Law establishing the Quality Eye Care for Insured Pennsylvanians Act. Requires that health insurers allow an insured to use in-network vision care providers but use out-of-network vision care suppliers for materials and optical laboratories and requires insurers to allow vision care providers to opt out of discount programs as long as they provide written disclosure to the insured that they have opted out of the discount program. Provides the Insurance Commissioner, at the commissioner’s discretion, to assess penalties for violations of this act in accordance with Pennsylvania Health Care Insurance Portability Act and the Unfair Insurance Practices Act. Further provides the Insurance Department may promulgate regulations as may be necessary or appropriate to implement act. This bill received first consideration on Tuesday, March 27. Bill text:   SB 1091, PN 1576 (Martin) – Amends Title 75 (Vehicles), in registration of vehicles, establishing the Pediatric Cancer Research Fund and providing that within one year of the effective date of the bill, the Department of Transportation will provide for … Read More