LEG REG REVIEW 2017, 15th Issue April 10, 2017

HOUSE PASSES BUDGET BILL By a 114-84 vote April 4, the Pennsylvania House voted to send the Republican-crafted State Budget Bill to the Senate.  All Democrats voted against HB 218 as did four Republicans: Representatives DiGirolamo (Bucks), McGinnis (Blair), Harper (Montgomery), and Hennessey (Chester).  The $31.52 billion legislation is almost one billion less than Governor Tom Wolf originally proposed but it does add $100 million for K-12 education, something the Governor wanted.  The Insurance Department General Government Operations budget would not be affected because a dedicated fund was established several years ago to insulate the Department from the State Budget process.  Funded by fees collected by the Insurance Department, the Insurance Regulation Oversight Fund will provide $27.291 million for General Government Operations for the Department.  (Page 354 of the bill)  According to the Fiscal Note prepared by House Appropriations Committee staff, this represents a $2.441 million increase over the current fiscal year budget.  Link to bill follows: https://www.legis.state.pa.us/CFDOCS/Legis/PN/Public/btCheck.cfm?txtType=HTM&sessYr=2017&sessInd=0&billBody=H&billTyp=B&billNbr=0218&pn=1236   NOTES: State Budget line items begin on page 210 of the text. HB 218 assumes that Governor Wolf’s consolidation of four state Cabinet-level agencies (Health, Aging, Human Services, Drug & Alcohol Program) has taken place. It appears as Department of Health … Read More