Dear GPAHU Members,
It has been my honor to serve as the President of GPAHU for the past two years. As my term comes to a close, I reflect back on the many successful initiatives we have instituted and the accomplishments we have achieved as a chapter.

Responding to your feedback, the GPAHU Board re-thought our traditional calendar of events for 2019. We doubled the number of Member events, varying event locations and topics to appeal to a broader number of current and potential members. In addition, we changed our annual GPAHU Conference to a biennial event. Gauging by the high participation and positive feedback we’ve received from many of you at these events, our new educational calendar has been a resounding success. Including our Annual Golf Outing, held at Gulph Mills Golf Club in May, we have already held 6 events this year, and we’re not done! Mark your calendars to join us on August 22nd at the Philadelphia Country Club for The Trump Presidency: The Politics of a Divided America with Dr. G. Terry Madonna, presented in partnership with our Benefactor partner Kistler Tiffany Benefits. Click here to register
Organizing these numerous events is not an easy task. While many members contribute to their combined success, I’d like to thank John Manion for guiding the development of this year’s education initiatives in partnership with our Benefactor Partners.
Our Legislative Chair, Vicky Cagliola, has been instrumental in the recent introduction of our new legislative newsletter, GPAHU Pulse, which provides State & Federal legislative updates pertinent to our industry. Already on its second issue, this additional benefit of your GPAHU membership will be a valuable tool enabling you stay informed on legislative activity that could affect our industry and our clients. Click here to read the current issue

In 2018, we introduced an Emerging Leaders Program on the initiative of Matt Cooney. The program is designed to help develop future leaders in our industry. This year, under the guidance of Steve Tremblay and his committee, we expanded the scope of the program and currently have a group of 20 enthusiastic, young professionals taking part. Click here to view current participants
Other items of note:
• As of June, GPAHU is officially the second largest chapter of NAHU in the country, at just over 400 members. This distinction affords us greater influence within the National Association and a louder voice for all our members.
• Scott Wham, incoming Vice President of GPAHU, was named Vice Chair of NAHU’s Legislative Council. This is a key post within NAHU as the committee directs our national legislative agenda.

There’s an old saying that “it takes a village to raise a child.” The same can be said for running GPAHU. I’d like to extend my heart-felt thanks to the individuals who make up our Board of Directors and to Karen Weinlader Mardis, our Executive Director. Their level of commitment and dedication to maximizing the value we deliver to our membership is humbling. For a complete list of the GPAHU Board of Directors, please click here
We are extremely fortunate to have the financial support of 60 Corporate Partners. Without their generosity, GPAHU would simply not be able to function. Our partners have made an investment in our association, so I urge you to reciprocate where you can. Working together, all boats rise. Click here for a complete list of our Partners

Finally, I’d like to recognize and thank my Leadership Team of Robyn Steltz, Paul Tyer, and Chris Handley who selflessly invested their energy, exuberance, and countless hours over the past couple of years to ensure that we deliver on our value commitments to you our members. As a group, we look forward to continuing our efforts to keep GPAHU strong and viable in the years to come.

Lastly, I’m pleased to introduce you to your new chapter officers:
• Chris Handley, President (Savoy)
• Scott Wham, Vice President (Kistler Tiffany Benefits)
• Priscilla Knerr, Secretary (Doyle Alliance Group)
• John Manion, Treasurer (Armstrong, Doyle & Carroll)

All are proven leaders within their respective organizations and tireless contributors to the GPAHU. Our association couldn’t be in better hands!

We have a brief window before the chaos that accompanies the open enrollment season is upon us. Enjoy the rest of your summer!
Chip Taylor,
Immediate Past-President, GPAHU
Regional Sales Director, Allstate Benefits

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